Which Ailments Can Chiropractors Treat?

Most chiropractic patients present body pains that affect their normal day-to-day life. A chiropractor can relieve most body aches through various spinal manipulations. However, note that these practitioners do not perform any surgeries nor prescribe any medications. Instead, the manipulations help your body heal by itself. So which ailments can a chiropractor address? Read on to find out more.

When You Have Issues with Your Lower Back

Many people have suffered and still suffer from lower back pains, which is why lower back pains form a huge part of chiropractic patients. Generally, you may experience back pain due to a strain or sprain on your back muscle or ligaments, which can happen gradually or occur suddenly during intense activity.

Strains occur due to overstretched muscles, while sprains are more of overstretched ligaments. Lower back sprains or strains are a common after-effect of heavy lifting or sudden movements that place a lot of pressure on your back. A good example is when you experience a sudden fall. 

Poor posture and injuries from sports also lead to back pains that a chiropractor can take care of. You can also get chiropractic help if you have chronic back pains due to facet joint dysfunction, deformity, trauma, and lumbar herniated disc, among others.

When You Have Neck Pain

Neck pains are also treatable through chiropractic manipulations. If you spend hours hunching in your office or simply looking down on your computer, you can easily develop neck problems. You can also get neck pain if you have a condition called osteoarthritis. 

Though rare, the pain in your neck might be a sign of something serious, especially if you feel weak in your arms, shooting pain in your shoulder, or numbness. In addition to pain, you can also see your chiropractor for common neck issues such as muscle spasms or tightness, constant headaches, and difficulty moving your neck.

When Your Shoulders Are in Pain

Chiropractic care also extends to the shoulders. Sometimes you may feel pain or stiffness on your shoulders, known as the frozen shoulder syndrome, which can affect or limit your movements. 

In most cases, shoulder stiffness may occur after recovery from stroke or mastectomy that usually renders your arms motionless. Fortunately, a chiropractor can fix all that through shoulder manipulations and some additional exercises you can do at home.

If you have been suffering from any of the pains mentioned above, there is hope. Through a chiropractor, you can get relief from these discomforts and resume your normal life.

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