Why You Need An Obstetrician: A Guide For Pregnant Mothers

An obstetrician is a medical doctor specialising in women's health. They provide prenatal, childbirth and postnatal care to pregnant women. Below is a guide on the work of obstetricians and how to choose an obstetrician.

What Is The Work Of Obstetricians? 

The obstetrician's work begins once a woman conceives. The professional conducts routine checks to examine the health of the foetus and that of the mother. They will recommend a suitable diet. For instance, carbohydrates provide the energy required by both mother and child. On the other hand, fruits and vitamins can prevent pregnancy-related conditions such as neural tube defects. Mothers-to-be with pre-existing conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure may require special care. If you have diabetes, the doctor will help you manage blood glucose levels to prevent severe illnesses such as blindness and kidney failure. People with high blood pressure need to reduce alcohol, smoking, salt intake and processed foods.

As the pregnancy develops, the obstetrician will examine the mother to identify foetal disorders such as amniotic band syndrome, foetal bowel obstruction and pulmonary sequestration. The professional will also advise on a suitable mode of delivery. For example, mothers with heart conditions or gestational diabetes should deliver through caesarean section. The same applies if the baby is improperly positioned or has congenital defects. The professional will also monitor the mother during labour to identify complications such as prolonged labour, cord collapse and low lying placenta.

After the pregnancy, the obstetrician will help the mother manage post-delivery pain. Further, they will train the mother to take care of the newborn. The professional will also address problems such as failure to produce breast milk, vaginal or breast infections, and haemorrhoids. They will also advise on vaccinations and conduct routine checks to examine the health of the newborn.

Choosing An Obstetrician

Below are some tips to help you choose an obstetrician. 

  • Other than experience, the obstetrician should be a people person. Remember, they will be your first call if you feel unwell during your pregnancy.
  • Inquire about the range of services. For example, you may want a professional that provides home visits or one that works after-hours.
  • The professional's clinic should be conveniently located. It ensures you can visit the clinic at your convenience. Adequate parking is an added advantage. Besides, it may be difficult for you to climb a flight of stairs when pregnant.
  • The professional should be reasonably priced.

An obstetrician monitors your health and that of your baby before, during and after delivery. They should be experienced, conveniently located and reasonably priced. Preferably, go for an obstetrician that provides personalised services.

For more information, contact an obstetrician in your area today.

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