When Should You Get an Eye Exam?

Regardless of if you are wearing glasses or have never had your vision corrected, there is a possibility that you do not think about your eye health every day. However, a majority of individuals go through a change in their eyesight through time, even if these are only gradual changes. Regular eye exams help to identify vision changes. It is an important part of catching an eye condition early, for vision correction and for safety when you are driving. Watch out for these signs that indicate it is time for an eye exam:

Blurry Vision

In case you no longer recognise someone ten steps away, or your favourite book has become fuzzy to read up close, you might be developing nearsightedness or farsightedness. In cases where you are having a hard time seeing objects that are near and far, you may have astigmatism. If you only have mild blurry vision, you should rest your eyes and stay hydrated. If it persists, eye exams might be what you need.

Your Night Vision is Changing

If you are driving at night, you should still be able to see the cars on the road clearly. For a lot of adults, the most common sign of night vision change is having driving difficulty at night. If you start to see halos around lights, are unable to read signs or cannot distinguish objects such as telephones, get eye exams.

Your Peripheral Vision is Suffering

The peripheral vision is what allows you to have side vision, and it is important to living life. If you start to see patches in your peripheral vision, it has been slightly blocked off, or it cannot be used anymore, go to your optometrist right away. This could be because of glaucoma, retinal detachment or because of an injured eye. If you wait too long to have the detachment untreated, there is a higher risk of losing your vision. You should have regular eye exams to monitor problems, especially if it is something like this.

Recurring Eye Fatigue

You can have eye fatigue or strain for a couple of reasons, which include reading a lot and spending most of your time on the computer screen.  If you feel eye discomfort for more than three days, it might be an eye condition. Eye exams are what will help you find out what is wrong.

When you notice any of these signs, it is time to have an eye exam. Do not wait for it to worsen and have your eyes fixed right away.         

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