4 Conditions Under Which Injury Treatment Can Be Bulk Billed

Many people who suffer from various injuries often wonder whether they can receive additional treatment from other providers/specialists besides their GP under the bulk billing system. This article discusses some of the conditions which must be satisfied in order for such additional treatment to be approved for bulk billing.

The Injury Should Be Chronic

The injury which you want to undergo additional treatment for from various specialists, such as physiotherapists, should be a chronic injury. The medicare programme defines a chronic condition as a condition which has existed or has the potential to persist for at least six months. This requirement may differ from the strict definition of chronic conditions by medical professionals. Ask your doctor to confirm that your condition meets this requirement.

Proof of the Chronic Condition

Your doctor should also provide proof that your injury is chronic. For example, the GP can attach X-ray results which prove that you suffer from osteoarthritis. He or she may also attach medical records which show that you have been undergoing treatment for that injury for six months. Such documentary proof will remove any doubt as to the necessity of providing that additional treatment which you need from other specialists.

Approval of the Treatment Plan

It is also imperative that the other professional whom you would like to see consents to the treatment plan which has been designed by your GP. That treatment plan contains several vital details, such as how many physiotherapy sessions you should undergo in order to improve. The specialist indicates his or her consent by signing the team care arrangement plan. Your task is to take this signed document back to your GP for filing.

The Specialist Bulk Bills

Another condition which can determine where you receive the additional specialist care is the view of that specialist towards bulk billing. The government normally sets rates which medical care providers can claim when they treat a patient under the bulk billing programme. Some of the rates indicated as what can be claimed may be different from what a given specialist usually charges. Consequently, some specialists may decline to bulk bill some services while others will accept to treat you and claim for reimbursement under the medicare programme. Find a specialist who is willing to bulk bill your additional treatment.

Your primary GP plays a critical role in deciding which types of allied treatment you need for your chronic injury. Work with him or her so that as much of that treatment as possible can be bulk billed so that you reduce the money which you will spend directly on your treatment.

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