The Areas People Often Miss When Checking Their Skin

Like any sort of cancer, skin cancer is a frightening idea. Fortunately, it's usually treatable if it's caught early and treatment begins as soon as possible. In order to find signs of skin cancer, you should get into the habit of performing skin checks regularly, especially if you're in one of the higher-risk groups, like people with fair skin.

When you're checking your skin, you should be as thorough as possible, as you might have moles you didn't even know existed. Although moles are normally quite easy to spot, there are a few places on the body where they can be missed. Next time you check your skin, make sure you pay attention to the following areas and don't miss them.

Behind your knees

This seems like a strange spot to have a mole, and that's exactly why people often forget to check there. It's also generally out of sight, so you're unlikely to notice anything there unless you're specifically looking.

If you're not able to easily see the backs of your knees, use a hand-held mirror to get a good look or ask someone else to check for you.

Behind your ears

Hidden from view even when you look in the mirror, the area behind your ears can easily be forgotten. It also gets a lot of sun when you're outside, so it's important to include it in your skin checks. This is another area where a small mirror or another person can be helpful.

Your eyelids

Although you see your eyelids and the surrounding area every time you look in the mirror, that doesn't mean you're watching for new moles. Moles on the eyelids are relatively uncommon so they should be easy to spot, but it's one place people don't normally put sunscreen. This makes it a particularly risky part of the body, so take the time to check regularly.

On your scalp

This is the most difficult area to check. First of all, it's not easy to reach and to check every part of your scalp. It's hard to be thorough even with a mirror, so it's usually best to get someone else to check for you.

In order to make sure no area is missed, it's best to use a comb so the hair can be parted. If you're someone who spends a lot of time in the sun and doesn't wear a hat, checking your scalp is especially important.

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