Are These Three Lifestyle Choices Leading To Eye Damage?

Great eyesight seems to be one part of the body that many people overlook when caring for their health. Waking up each day though with tired and sore eyes is an irritation you could be bringing on yourself. Have a look at these three lifestyle choices and ask yourself whether they are contributing to the soreness in your eyes.

Technology Overload

Electronic gadgets play a big part in everyone's life these days. However, optometrists have a growing concern that the level of exposure modern eyes has to technology is leading to eye problems.

There are three common eye issues connected with the daily use of computers, tablets and cell phones. These issues are dry eyes, eyestrain and headaches. If you are spending more than two to three hours per day looking at electronic devices, it is feasible your eyes are coping the brunt of your technology habits.


The glass of wine you enjoy each night with dinner may seem harmless enough, after all, wine consumption is linked to a lower risk of several diseases. But, regular drinking of alcohol is also shown to have an impact on eye dryness.

Reducing the amount and regularity of alcohol consumption will help your eyes feel better. Additionally, increase the amount of water you drink each day to hydrate your eyes further.

Eye Makeup

There are plenty of tutorial videos out there showing the amazing things you can do with eye makeup. However, daily use of eye makeup is also a contributing factor to dry eye syndrome. The main cause of this is the heavy use of eyeliner and mascara around the eyes. The chemicals used to make these products waterproof are the same chemicals which block the oil producing glands in the eye. These oils are needed to keep the eye lubricated and for your tears to form. When the glands are blocked, the oils become trapped. Dry eye and swollen eyes are both a result of blocked eye glands. When left untreated, blocked glands lead to chalazion which is a benign lump in the eyelids.

Concern about the way your lifestyle is impacting your eye health should be discussed with an optometrist. This is particularly important if you have not been keeping up with an annual eye examination. The optometrist can do a full check of your current eye health and make recommendations about ways you can stop your eyes from hurting on a daily basis.

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