Could Sunlight Make Your Skin Condition Worse?

Everyone enjoys getting out in the sunshine. Feeling the warmth of the sun's rays and spending time lying in the heat is a wonderful way to relax for many people. A lot of people like to maintain a tan while the sun shines, too.

But as nice as the sun can be, it can also irritate the skin and either cause or worsen various skin conditions. While you don't need to avoid the sun entirely, it's worth limiting your exposure if you want to keep your skin healthy. If you suffer from a particular condition that's been getting worse, the sun could be the cause, too. Here are some of the conditions that sunlight can aggravate:


If you have eczema, you'll probably already know that there are many possible triggers that can make your condition worse, and you've most likely worked out at least some of the ones that affect you most significantly. But not many people are aware of the effect sunlight can have on eczema.

Try to keep out of the sun as much as possible, particularly for extended periods. If you can't avoid it, at least wear a high-strength sunscreen, but make sure it doesn't contain any ingredients which could also trigger your eczema.


There's some debate over this, with many people believing long exposure to the sun to help clear acne up. The truth is that a little bit of sunlight may help, but spending too much time under UV rays will make acne worse. Some people are particularly sensitive, so know your own skin and recognise what works for you.


Anyone will burn if they spend long enough in the sun, but some people are more susceptible than others. Photosensitivity is a condition sometimes referred to as a sun allergy, and if you find yourself getting severe sunburn quickly, you may have it. There are a number of possible causes, from environmental factors and medicines to underlying conditions, so seek medical help if this sounds like you.


Excessive sun exposure can be dangerous to the lupus patient. At the very least, it may cause painful or itchy skin rashes, but at its worst, it could lead to damage of the internal organs. If you have lupus, you should be extremely cautious in the sun.


With vitiligo, it's not exactly the condition itself that's the danger, but rather some of the treatments for it. These treatments may cause an increased sensitivity to sunburn, so be prepared to adjust your habits and pay careful attention to your skin if you're beginning a new treatment.

Contact a skin clinic for more information and assistance. 

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