Working Out the Relationship Before Marriage: 3 Important Topics to Discuss During Premarital Counselling

Although Australians tend to have better luck when it comes to marriage with only one-third of marriages ending in divorce, there's no harm in further cementing and strengthening the relationship before marriage through premarital counseling. Relationship counselling makes sure that both individuals are on the same page and fully understand what to expect after marriage. This can help many couples avoid frustrations and disagreements, and also learn more about one another. Here are 3 important topics that most premarital counselors recommend discussing or, at the very least, taking a look at.

Ideas on Family Life, Such as Whether to Have Children or Stay Child-Free

Everyone's idea of what a perfect family life looks like will be different. Not everyone wants to have children. Before getting married, you and your partner should explore each other's ideas on what a perfect family life looks like. In particular, it's important to discuss whether both of you would like to have children or would prefer staying child-free. Having children is a big commitment. In most cases, those who do not wish to have children will generally hold this preference even after getting married. If having children is important to you but not something your partner wants, your marriage will be on rocky grounds. If both of you would like to have children, it's also a good time to discuss whether there are any timelines in mind.

Beliefs Surrounding Money Managements and Spending Habits

Financial infidelity or disagreements are a common cause for divorce. Before tying the knot, your premarital counselor will recommend that you discuss what your beliefs surrounding money management and spending habits might be. It's important to iron out the details and to also get a good understanding of each other's financial standing and spending habits. If your partner has poor credit, you'll both want to take this into account, as poor credit or debt might be a huge burden to the marriage or prevent one of you from achieving certain milestones and dreams, like owning real estate.

Preferences for Division of Household Chores and Roles

Another common source where arguments stem from is the division of household chores. Your partner and you should both discuss whether there are any expectations that have been cemented in any of your minds. It's a good idea to discuss how the chores will be divvied up and whether you're a fan of equitable distribution of household chores or whether one individual will complete a certain set of chores indefinitely.


Premarital counseling helps each individual better understand what they're signing up for before getting married. If there are any conflicts, the counselor will help both of you look for solutions that can improve the relationship and the future marriage.

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